Erin Crotty

Erin Crotty

In the world of nonprofits, there is a data ninja, a change-maker, a superhero - and her name is Erin Crotty. Picture her on one hand perfecting a yoga pose while on the other, she's nimbly spinning complex data into gold mines for fundraising. Erin doesn't just exist in this world, she transforms it, amplifying organizations from the inside out, and making big splashes in the sector. Erin currently serves as the Vice President of Customer Success at boodleAI where she is cheerfully translating and normalizing the crazy possibilities of tech.

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Introduction to Getting Started with BoodleBox

By Erin Crotty / April 17, 2024

This is a quick introduction by our CEO and CoFounder about how to get started with BoodleBox.

The Boodle Way

By Erin Crotty / April 2, 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving world of Generative AI (GenAI), it’s crucial to have a structured approach to harness its full…

Begin with the Right Use Cases

By Erin Crotty / April 1, 2024

Generative AI can be applied to a wide range of use cases across various industries. These are 12 key areas where GenAI can be particularly helpful.

What you can do with BoodleBox

By Erin Crotty / March 31, 2024

Unleash the Power of AI with BoodleBox: Collaborate, Create, and Explore with AI Assistants, Shared Knowledge, and More

The FOMO Framework

By Erin Crotty / March 31, 2024

The FOMO (Familiarize, Observe, Mentor, Opportunities) Framework provides a collaborative learning method

Quick Tour

By Erin Crotty / March 30, 2024

Take a Whirlwind Tour of BoodleBox’s AI-Powered Features From Collaborative Chats to Public Feeds

BoodleBox Exchanges

By Erin Crotty / March 29, 2024

Overview The Chat Bar is your BoodleBox Swiss army knife. From here you can view the bot list, select bots,…

Master BoodleBox in 12 Prompts

By Erin Crotty / March 28, 2024

With BoodleBox, there’s no need for prompt engineering. When you select an an AI Helper, the Bot will prompt you…

Start Group Chats with Anyone

By Erin Crotty / March 27, 2024

GroupChats enable multiple people, multiple sources of knowledge, and multiple GenAI bots to work together in a single conversation.

Your Generative AI Coaches

By Erin Crotty / March 26, 2024

Boodle Box offers a unique multi-bot experience where over 800 specialized bots work together with you to tackle any topic or task.