Erin Crotty

Erin Crotty

In the world of nonprofits, there is a data ninja, a change-maker, a superhero - and her name is Erin Crotty. Picture her on one hand perfecting a yoga pose while on the other, she's nimbly spinning complex data into gold mines for fundraising. Erin doesn't just exist in this world, she transforms it, amplifying organizations from the inside out, and making big splashes in the sector. Erin currently serves as the Vice President of Customer Success at boodleAI where she is cheerfully translating and normalizing the crazy possibilities of tech.

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Integrate your Knowledge

By Erin Crotty / March 25, 2024

Adding your knowledge to a chat is a powerful way to get personalized responses from bots. Turn generic bots into personal assistants.

Knowledge Preference Template

By Erin Crotty / March 17, 2024

This template will help you maximize BoodleBox knowledge with your personal preferences, communication style, and professional history.

BoodleBox Boxes

By Erin Crotty / March 16, 2024

Boxes in BoodleBox are a way to save, organize, manage, and even collaborate on boodles within the BoodleBox platform.

Exploring the Public Feed

By Erin Crotty / March 15, 2024

Explore brings you to the Public Feed where you can see, share, and discover how others are using BoodleBox.

Customizing Your Profile

By Erin Crotty / March 14, 2024

Your user profile on BoodleBox is your personal hub on the platform. It helps you stay organized and connected on BoodleBox.

Teams on BoodleBox

By Erin Crotty / March 13, 2024

BoodleBox is the simplest and most secure platform for group collaboration with GenAI providers and hundreds of specialty bots.

Why use BoodleBox instead of ChatGPT?

By Erin Crotty / March 12, 2024

While ChatGPT is powerful for chatting with AI and has a team version, BoodleBox was purpose-built for team collaboration and…

Subscription Settings

By Erin Crotty / March 11, 2024

Learn more about how to view or edit your BoodleBox plan and billing information.

12 Prompts for Nonprofit Professionals

By Erin Crotty / February 9, 2024

With BoodleBox, there’s no need for prompt engineering. When you select an an AI Helper, the Bot will prompt you…

BoodleBox Word Usage

By Erin Crotty / December 15, 2023

Learn more about your word usage with BoodleBox.