Easy Access to GenAI for Students & Faculty

BoodleBox is where faculty and students can affordably access top AI models, responsibly share and assess AI generated work, and collaborate with AI and each other.

For Institutions

For Faculty

No credit card required.

People from these Universities rely on BoodleBox training and technology.

One Platform for GenAI Access

The BoodleBox platform makes student onboarding and management easy and provides affordable access to a variety of top AI models, including GPT-4, Claude 3, Gemini 1.5 Pro, LLAMA 3, Perplexity, and more.


Empower AI Collaboration 

Enable students to collaborate with multiple AI models, classmates, and faculty seamlessly to foster thought-provoking discussions that fuel critical thinking and creativity.

Enable Academic Integrity 

Easily cite, share, and assess student AI-generated content while gaining insights into each student's level of participation and AI usage across all assigned group projects.


Assess Student Outcomes

Easily measure student engagement and performance within the BoodleBox platform by reviewing analytics and applying your rubrics.

AI for Every Task

Everything is easy to complete when you've got the top AIs – like ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity, SDXL – and tons of powerful education bots in BoodleBox.

Flexible Pricing Options for Higher Education

Standard Pricing starts at $19.99/seat/month

Student Semester Plan (4 month)

Student/Faculty Plan
20% discount ($15.99/seat/month)

Department Plan
30% off for 250+ seats ($13.99/seat/month)

School Plan
40% off for 1,000+ seats ($11.99/seat/month)

Compare costs: GPT-4 ($20) + Claude 3 ($20) + Gemini Advanced ($20) + Perplexity ($20) = $80/seat/month

BoodleBox has already saved me countless hours of troubleshooting and googling. It helps me get through the menial tasks more quickly and teaches me in the process.

Drew S.

BoodleBox streamlined my ability to create content and advance our vision to impact others in a more positive way. Highly recommend to others.

Aj K.

BoodleBox has not only allowed me to get a lot more things done in a standard workday, but also improved the quality of my work by guiding me through a more logical process to analysis and decision making. BoodleBox has been priceless.

Elizabeth E.

I can use the different bots to write what I’m thinking or social media. It allows more time to focus in the areas I want. The ability to feel better about my work and accomplish more is amazing!

Justin B.

The variety of bots help to get the best support based on the type of assistance that I need. Using BoodleBox has helped me reduce time that I would usually spend on
repetitive tasks.

Celia H.

BoodleBox gives me a head-start on my marketing efforts! Instead of spending hours looking for inspiration online, I can ask the various BoodleBots for a little creative boost. As a one-person marketing team, it’s truly a lifesaver!

Erica C.

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