What you can do with BoodleBox

  • Go Farther with GroupChat. Multiple individuals, multiple GenAI Assistants, and multiple sources of knowledge come together in a single conversation.

  • Start GroupChats with Anyone. Add anyone to a GroupChat with a simple Boodle link you can share anywhere.
  • Fast Favoriting. Easily start new chats with your GenAI Assistants. 

  • Use AI Helpers. Select and use any of the 900+ AI Helpers that prompt you so there’s no need for you to learn prompt engineering.
  • Get Auto-Recommendations. Get AI Helpers auto-recommendations in the ChatBar based on your prompt. 

  • Integrate Your Knowledge. Integrate your knowledge to create personalized responses.

  • Use Multiple Bots Together. Use multiple AI bots in the same chat. They share context yet maintain a sense of self identity. 

  • Save/Share Your Work. Keep your GenAI content organized in boxes and share them with others using links.
  • Explore the Public Feed. Discover how others are using GenAI and publish your own GenAI contents for others to find. 

  • Search for New Content. Search all available public content.

  • Use Profile Pages. Create unique profile pages that others can find and follow.  Build an audience. Or find content creators you like and follow them. 

  • Use Bot Pages. Learn how each AI Bot works, share it with others, see how others have used it, and easily start a new chat. 

  • Use Perpetual Context. Keep conversations going for as long as you want. 

  • Use Continue Chat. Allow others to copy and continue your chats. Find chats from others that you want to copy and continue.

  • Use Collaborative Boxes. Keep work from across your group in one place.

Visit BoodleBox, Give it a try.