BoodleBox’s Latest Update:
All About the Bots

December 13, 2023 | 0.70

🤖 Bot Profiles

Every AI Assistant and Bot now has a profile page with a dedicated feed where you can see how other BoodleBox users are working with the Bot Assistant.  From the Bot Profile page you can launch a chat with that specifc bot. 

You can also easily share a link to the bot with anyone, both inside and outside of BoodleBox.

🔗 Bot Links

Anywhere you see a bot avatar (image of a bot) or a bot alias (the “@botname”), clicking on it will take you to the relevant bot profile page. 

🧵 Threaded Boodle

When you save a boodle, you now have the option of enabling chat threading: 

When you enable chat threading, the chat thread leading up to the boodle becomes viewable by clicking “View Thread” on the boodle:

This allows you to share and view an entire chat. Threaded boodle can be posted and shared like any other boodle. 

🕸️ WebBot and 🖼️ ImageBot Active Updates

When you submit a request to a WebBot or ImageBot, it now provides real time updates on the actions it’s taking in order to generate a response to your request. 

🗄️ Bot Management

When you open the Bot Garage, you’ll now see options to favorite or hide any of the Bots or Assistants. Favoriting places a bot or assistant at the top of the default bot assistant list. You can change the order of your favorites by clicking on the “Favorite Bots” tab. Hiding a bot removes it from all bot assistant lists, including Chat Bar recommendations. 

📮 Create New Box from Post

When you save a boodle, you now have the option of creating a new box directly from the posting menu:

😍 Updated Feed Algorithm

The Public Feed now has a new algorithm based on what’s trending versus the current algorithm which is based solely on recency. 

📧 How To Launch

BoodleBox has launched a “How To…” series of emails that educates users about the over 900 different potential use cases for BoodleBox. You can select a daily, weekly, or monthly email (or opt out) at this link.

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