BoodleBox for Teachers and Instructors

Things to Try:

  1. Use @quizbot 🤖 to create a quiz, exam, or test 📝 on any topic 🌐.
  2. Use @text-markup 📚 to check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation ✏️ of any text.
  3. Use @explainbot 🧠 to come up with an age/education level appropriate explanation of any concept or idea 💡.
  4. Have @letter-recommend 📨 help draft a letter of recommendation in a fraction of the usual time ⏰.
  5. Create an Unlisted, Contribute box 📦 for your class to share GenAI work 💼.
  6. Allow students to use BoodleBox 🎁, but limit their use to specific BoodleBots, and require them to provide a link 🔗 to the boodle they create so you can see what they produced using GenAI compared to their final product 🏁. Note: You can use @text-similar to compare what GenAI produced and their final work product.
  7. Create your own Bot using @botbot 🛠️

BoodleBots to Try:

BotBot@botbotCreate a custom chatbot to accomplish a task you select
BrainstormBot@brainstormbotBrainstorm new ideas
ExplainBot@explainbotExplain a topic or concept
LetterBot Recommendation@letter-recWrite a Letter of Recommendation
QuizBot@quizbotCreate quizzes, tests, and exams on the subjects you choose
Slang2EnglishBotslang2englishTranslate slang into English
SolveBot@solvebotCreate a step by step solution to a problem
TeachBot Lesson Plan@write-lessonCreate a class lesson plan
TeachBot Syllabus@write-syllabusCreate a class syllabus
TextBot Correct@text-correctCorrect spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in text
TextBot Editor@text-editEdit text
TextBot Errors@text-errorsFind spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in text
TextBot Examine@text-examineExamine objective qualities of text
TextBot Lexical Density@text-lexAnalyze the lexical density in text
TextBot Logical Fallacies@text-logfallaciesIdentify potential logical fallacies in text
TextBot Markup@text-markupMark up spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in text
TextBot Outline@text-outlineCreate an outline from text
TextBot Readability@text-readabilityEvaluate the readability level of text
TextBot Review@text-reviewAnalyze subjective qualities of text and suggest improvements
TextBot Similarity@text-similarMeasure the degree of similarity between two texts
TextBot Simplify@text-simplifyMake text easier to read and understand
TextBot Summary@text-summarySummarize text
WriteBot Email Response@write-emailrespWrite a response to an email
WriteBot Text Message@write-textWrite a text message
WriteBot Text Response@write-textresponseWrite a response to a text message
WriteBot Thank You@write-thanksWrite a thank you
TextBot Rewrite@text-rewriteRewrites text
TextBot Bias@text-biasIdentify potential bias in text

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