BoodleBox for Sales

Things to Try:

  1. Use @sales-callscript ๐Ÿ“ž to draft a call script in no time flat.
  2. Try @sales-coldemail ๐Ÿฅถ to get a hot take on cold emails.
  3. Match wits with @sales-knowledgetest ๐Ÿง  with to test your product knowledge.
  4. Need some sales coaching (who doesnโ€™t?) ๐Ÿ‘”? Chat with @sales-coach.
  5. Practice your pitch ๐Ÿ“ˆ with @sales-roleplay and get instant feedback.
  6. Want to pull together an event plan quickly? โฑ๏ธ  Try @eventplanbot.
  7. Want to make text sound more โ€œlike youโ€? ๐Ÿ‘ฅ Use @text-matchstyle.

BoodleBots to Try:

BrainstormBot@brainstormbotBrainstorm new ideas
EventPlanBot@eventplanbotPlan an event
FindBot Gifts@find-giftRecommend a gift
Jargon2EnglishBot@jargon2englishTranslate jargon into English
LetterBot Apology@letter-apologyWrite an apology letter
LetterBot Business@letter-businessWrite a business letter
LetterBot Client@letter-clientWrite a client letter
LetterBot Congrats@letter-congratsWrite a congratulatory letter
LetterBot Customer@letter-customerWrite a customer letter
LetterBot Response@letter-responseWrite a response to a letter
LinkedInProfileBot@liprofilebotCreate a LinkedIn Profile
SalesBot Call Script@sales-callscriptDraft a call script
SalesBot Coaching@sales-coachChat with a sales coach
SalesBot Cold Email@sales-coldemailDraft a cold email
SalesBot Email Sequence@sales-emailsequenceDraft an email sequence
SalesBot Knowledge Test@sales-knowledgetestTest a sales rep’s product knowledge
SalesBot Risk Assessment@sales-riskAssess risk using the DRIVE framework
SalesBot Roleplay@sales-roleplayChat with a prospect on a sales call
SolveBot@solvebotCreate a step by step solution to a problem
TextBot Correct@text-correctCorrect spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in text
TextBot Match Structure@text-matchstructureRewrite text to match the structure of another text
TextBot Match Style@text-matchstyleRewrite text to match the style of another text
TextBot Myers-Briggs@text-myersbriggsAnalyze text for Myers-Briggs
TextBot Query@text-queryAsk questions about text you enter
TextBot Sentiment@text-sentimentAnalyze the sentiment of a text
TravelBot@travelbotPlan a travel itinerary
WriteBot Blurb@write-blurbCreate a company blurb
WriteBot Email Response@write-emailrespWrite a response to an email
WriteBot Text Message@write-textWrite a text message
WriteBot Text Response@write-textresponseWrite a response to a text message
WriteBot Thank You@write-thanksWrite a thank you
LearningPathBot@learningpathbotCreate a custom learning path

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