The 5 Biggest AI Gaps Teams Need Filled

There is no AI in TEAM…but there is a “ME.” And that “ME” is human. In the past year, we’ve made great strides with Generative AI, yet there remain sizable gaps and room for progress, especially for teams looking to fully leverage this technology. Teams still face hurdles to seamlessly adopt and integrate Generative AI in impactful ways. This is an area we have been thoughtfully evaluating, as tremendous potential exists for teams to maximize the value of AI if we can continue advancing and refining for their benefit.

Here’s what we believe work teams want from GenAI


GenAI assistants that have an understanding of a team’s goals, workflows, and desired outputs are much more useful than a generic assistant. When an AI assistant is customized for a specific purpose, it can provide suggestions and complete tasks that directly support the team’s work. For example, an assistant that understands a marketing team’s campaigns, targets, and metrics can provide data-driven recommendations to improve performance. Similarly, an assistant that comprehends an engineering team’s roadmap, codebase, and testing needs can automatically generate tests or documentation. Purpose-built GenAI feels like an integral part of the team rather than just a smart external tool.


Seamless integration between GenAI assistants and existing team apps drives adoption and makes the assistants more useful. When a GenAI assistant can interact directly with tools like Slack, email, and docs, it can bring its intelligence directly into employee workflows rather than being siloed. For example, an assistant that can participate in Slack conversations alongside employees can provide helpful information exactly when needed. Similarly, an assistant that can draft emails or documents based on context from previous emails or docs means less copying and pasting for employees. Tight integration between GenAI and existing apps reduces friction in leveraging AI.


The ability to save, restart, and continue conversations with GenAI assistants enables reuse, learning improvement over time. When chats can be recorded and continued later by any team member, it stops information and context from being lost. It also allows the assistant to learn from those past conversations to provide better suggestions in the future. And it reduces repetitive conversations as the assistant does not start from scratch with each new person. Overall, repeatability makes GenAI assistants more efficient and valuable to teams over time.


For GenAI assistants to be useful, every employee needs to be able to leverage them easily without needing specialized skills. Assistants that use natural language and don’t require extensive prompting expertise enable broader access. Additionally, capabilities like explaining responses, showing confidence scores, and allowing corrections also makes assistants more approachable for non-experts. Finally, customizable permissions around data access and capabilities can allow different access levels across employees. Overall, making GenAI accessible and understandable builds trust and increases adoption.


Rather than GenAI replacing human intelligence, the most powerful impact comes from collaboration between employees and assistants. When GenAI and human experts work together on problems, they can produce better solutions than either could alone. Assistants that facilitate brainstorming, provide specialized knowledge, generate alternatives, and enable human judgment leads to the best results. Collaboration also builds understanding and trust in GenAI rather than it feeling like a black box. Shared creation increases buy-in and clarity into the technology’s capabilities and limitations.

That’s why we created BoodleBox

It’s the first team productivity platform powered by GenAI that can:

🎯 Auto-recommends GenAI tools for team goals and popular use cases
⚙️ Easy sharing with Slack, Email, Docs to put GenAI into daily workflows
🔁 Chats easily saved and continued for easy reuse and tracking
🤝 Allows collaborating with GenAI and team members in real-time through co-chatting
💪🏻 Enables anyone to produce the GenAI results they want with AI Helpers

If you’re interested in trying out BoodleBox and collaborating with 900+ bots from different LLMs that work together and prompt you, sign up for free today.

As the Head of Marketing at boodleAI, Meredith Lancaster, is a marketing visionary with a passion for content creation, design, and data-driven decision making. She holds a BS in International Business with a minor in Marketing from Pepperdine University. Outside of the home office, she enjoys the thrills of family life – raising her always on-the-move one-year-old son and crazy pup with her husband.

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