BoodleBox for Dads

Things to Try:

  1. Looking for the funnest 🤩bedtimes stories📚 ever? Use @kids-story to create a custom bedtime story and then use @image-boodle to generate a picture for that story.
  2. Have young detectives 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ that love to solve puzzles?🧩 Use @kids-riddle to make up riddles or @kids-mystery to create mysteries to stump your young ones.
  3. Want to mix up the meal 🍲routine? Tell @kids-meal what ingredients you have and how much time and it’ll suggest new recipes.
  4. Looking for new 🏃‍♀️activities? Try @kids-science, @kids-games, @kids-exercise, @kids-art to generate ideas for things to do that your kids will love.
  5. Helping your kids with homework and need help with explaining the answer? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦📚✏️❓Try @kids-homework to get a step by step solution AND tips on how to help your kid understand the answer.
  6. Two words: Dad Jokes 👨‍🦳🤣. @funny-dad
  7. Why? Why? Why? 🤔🤔🤔  Need help explaining a complicated concept a way a child can understand? Try @explainbot

BoodleBots to Try:

CarRepairEstimateBot@carrepairestimatebotUnderstand car repair estimates
CharacterBot@characterbotCreate a custom character you can chat with
ExplainBot@explainbotExplain a topic or concept
FindBot Gifts@find-giftRecommend a gift
FindBot Pet@find-petRecommend a pet
FunnyBot Dad Jokes@funny-dadMake up a dad joke
FunnyBot KnockKnock@funny-knockknockMake up a knock knock joke
FunnyBot Puns@funny-punsMake up a pun
HistoryDayBot@historydaybotExplore “On this day in history” facts
HomeRepairEstimateBot@homerepairestimatebotUnderstand home repair estimates
KidsBot Animal Facts@kids-animalfactsExplore animal facts for kids and parents
KidsBot Art@kids-artSuggest art ideas for kids and parents
KidsBot Calming@kids-calmSuggest ideas for calming activities for kids and parents
KidsBot Chores@kids-choresSuggest age-appropriate household chores for kids and parents
KidsBot Costumes@kids-costumesSuggest age-appropriate costume ideas for kids and parents
KidsBot Crafts@kids-craftsSuggest craft ideas for kids and parents
KidsBot Exercise@kids-exerciseSuggest ideas for physical activities for kids and parents
KidsBot Games@kids-gamesSuggest games to play with kids and parents
KidsBot Homework@kids-homeworkHelp a parent solve a child’s homework problem
KidsBot Meals@kids-mealSuggest meal ideas for kids and parents
KidsBot Mysteries@kids-mysteryMake up mysteries for kids (and parents) to solve
KidsBot Rainy Day@kids-rainydaySuggest activities for kids (and parents) on a rainy day
KidsBot Riddles@kids-riddleMake up riddles for kids and parents
KidsBot Science@kids-scienceSuggest at home science experiments for kids and parents
KidsBot Story@kids-storyMake up a children’s story and generate an image prompt for parents
PizzaBot@pizzabotHelp me get a pizza order right
PlanBot Meals@plan-mealsCreate a meal plan
SecondOpinionBot@secondopinionbotUnderstand a medical diagnosis
TreatmentBot@treatmentbotUnderstand a proposed medical treatment or procedure

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