The Most Collaborative Space for GenAI

The simplest and most secure platform for group collaboration with GenAI – combining the top AI models, over 1,000 custom GPTs, your docs, and your entire team in the most epic GroupChat.

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The Most Collaborative Space for GenAI

The simplest and most secure platform for group collaboration with GenAI – like ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude 3 Opus, Perplexity, and hundreds of specialty bots.

People from these teams rely on BoodleBox for work.

Learn alot. Lead others. Master GenAI.

Supercharge your GenAI talents with live courses designed for every skill level.


Introduction to Collaborative GenAI

Discover the best use cases, AI models,
and ways to collaborate with AI & people.


Leading Collaborative GenAI Training

Explore the ultimate GenAI adoption framework to become your team's AI leader.


The AI Collaborative Webinar Series

Hear from the AI masters each week as they share tips, tricks, and real-world examples.

BoodleBox is one of the best AI platforms for productivity.

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Work with GenAI as a team with GroupChats

Connect multiple bots, people, and sources of knowledge in one chat to keep discussions engaging, productive, and educational through group collaborations.

Add anyone to a GroupChat with one-click link sharing.

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Consolidate Your AI Tools

Find all of your favorite AIs – like ChatGPT, Claude3, Perplexity, Gemini, SDXL – in one place and access over 1,000 custom GPTs that prompt you. Forget about searching for the right AI, our auto-recommendation engine is designed for an easy start.


100 Ways for Teams to Collaborate with Generative AI

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Securely Use Documents as Knowledge

Add your most valuable documents, favorite websites, and past conversations as knowledge to any chat so you can save time and get more personalized responses.

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Use Multiple AI Tools in One Chat

Meet your goals faster by collaborating with multiple AI bots in one chat. From specialized assistants, to your favorite LLMs – like ChatGPT, GPT-4, SDXL, Perplexity, Claude 3 Opus and more — everything you need to collaborate faster and be more productive is here.

People Love BoodleBox

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Made for People. Built for Teams.

Simplify with one platform for greater consistency, control, and security.

Easy Team Management

BoodleBox offers easy, centralized team management and billing to simplify access and usage across departments, teams, and organizations.

One Place for GenAI Tools

BoodleBox provides access to popular language models like ChatGPT, Claude 3, Perplexity, Stable Diffusion, and others to consolidate and connect GenAI tools in one place.

AI Model and Data Safety

BoodleBox does not train AI models, so your data will never be used by boodleAI to train an AI model.

User Privacy and Security

BoodleBox employs industry-leading security practices like encryption in transit and at rest, access controls, audits, SOC 2 compliance, and more to keep customer data safe.

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Teams are achieving incredible results.

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Different AI Bots Used

4.5 Million+
Words Generated

Work Hours Saved

$1.2 Million
Estimated Cost Savings