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Simplify Your Workday

Improve productivity by up to 67%.

Draft property listings, research market trends, and delegate time-consuming tasks to your AI team so you can focus on building client relationships and closing deals.


Captivate Your Buyers

Improve performance by up to 40%.

Craft compelling property descriptions and receive recommendations to optimize your listings so you may easily connect with potential buyers and inspire action.

Enhance Client Relationships

Respond to clients up to 25% faster.

Quickly address client inquiries, provide personalized recommendations, and build trust through high-quality communication. Strengthen your client relationships and deliver exceptional service that sets you apart.


Stay Ahead of the Competition

Up-to-date AI tools give you a competitive edge.

Effortlessly put generative AI to work for you with our simple interface and ongoing AI training through our AI Learning Hub.

AI for Every Task

Everything is easier when you've got the top AIs – like ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity, SDXL – and tons of powerful real estate bots in BoodleBox.