Easy Access to GenAI for Students & Faculty

Empower students to responsibly collaborate with AI and prepare them for an AI-enabled workplace.

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One Platform for GenAI Access

The BoodleBox platform makes student onboarding and management easy by providing access to a variety of top AI models, including GPT-4, Claude 3, Gemini 1.5 Pro, LLAMA 3, Perplexity, and more.

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Empower AI Collaboration 

Enable students to collaborate with multiple AI models, classmates, and faculty seamlessly to foster thought-provoking discussions that fuel critical thinking and creativity.

Ensure Academic Integrity 

Differentiate student work from AI-generated content while gaining insights into each student's level of participation and AI usage across all assigned group projects.

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Measure Student Outcomes

Easily measure student engagement and performance within the BoodleBox platform – including usage statistics, chat contributions, productivity, and more.

Flexible Pricing Options for Higher Education

Standard Pricing starts at $14.99/seat/month for 40K words outputted

Student Semester Plan (4 month)

Student/Faculty Plan
20% discount ($11.99/seat/month)

Department Plan
30% off for 250+ seats ($10.49/seat/month)

School Plan
40% off for 1,000+ seats ($8.99/seat/month)

Compare costs: GPT-4 ($20) + Claude 3 ($20) + Gemini Advanced ($20) + Perplexity ($20) = $80/seat/month

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