Collaborative AI Accelerator for Higher Education

About the Accelerator Program

The Collaborative AI Accelerator for Higher Education offers educators:

  • Free access to the best platform for collaborative AI, including top models like GPT-4o, Claude, and 1,000+ custom GPTs
  • Training, courses, and certifications on responsible AI for faculty and students
  • Engaging forums to exchange ideas on teaching AI collaboration
  • Access to resources like lesson plans, exercises, and rubrics for incorporating collaborative AI into curricula

This comprehensive program empowers educators to effectively integrate AI technologies into classrooms and classwork.There is no cost for the accelerator, but enrollment is limited.

The Agenda

Note: All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand for participants.


Week 1 | June 10 - June 16

June 11th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Kickoff Webinar: Introduction to Collaborative AI in Education
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June 13th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Forum: Sharing Experiences and Challenges with AI in the Classroom
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Week 2 | June 17 - June 23

June 18th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Course: Fundamentals of Generative AI for Educators
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June 19th | 4PM ET/1PM PT | Live Q&A: Addressing Concerns about AI and Academic Integrity
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Week 3 | June 24 - June 30

June 25th | 3PM ET/12PM PT | Webinar: Best Practices for Collaborative GenAI in the Classroom
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Week 4 | July 1 - July 7

July 2nd | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Course: Academic Integrity in the Age of AI
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DATE/TIME TBD | Forum: Innovative Applications of AI in Teaching and Learning

DATE/TIME TBD | Live Q&A: Developing AI-Assisted Lesson Plans and Assessments

Week 5 | July 8 - July 14

July 9th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Webinar: Ethical Considerations and Mitigating Bias in AI Systems
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July 11th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Forum: Strategies for Integrating AI into Existing Curricula
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Week 6 | July 15 - July 21

July 16th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Course: Advanced Techniques for Collaborative GenAI in Education
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July 18th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Live Q&A: Addressing Technical Challenges and Troubleshooting
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Week 7 | July 22 - July 28

July 23rd | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Webinar: Measuring Student + AI Learning Outcomes
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July 25th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Forum: Sharing Success Stories and Best Practices
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Week 8 | July 29 - August 4

July 30th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Course: Developing AI Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills
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August 1st | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Live Workshop: Creating AI-Powered Educational Resources
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Week 9 | August 5 - August 11

August 6th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Webinar: Future Trends and Emerging Technologies in AI Education
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August 8th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Forum: Envisioning the Classroom of the Future with AI
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Week 10 | August 12 - August 18

August 13th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Exam: Collaborative AI Teaching Proficiency Certification
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August 15th | 1PM ET/10AM PT | Closing Webinar: Reflections and Next Steps for AI in Education
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Gain access to cutting-edge AI models, training, and a supportive community of educators to responsibly integrate AI into your curriculum with this free program.